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This is a place where people can share their musical tastes and receive recomendations based on what they list.
Use this form or post anything relating to finding new music.

Favorite bands/artists:
Other music currently in rotation (or bands with sounds you'd like to hear more of):
What makes you love an album/song/artist:
What are you are looking for? (genre, country, type of lyrics, instruments used):
Any recomendations for us?:

You can repost this form whenever your tastes have evolved or whenever you are looking for something different than previously posted. Make it as general or specific as you want, but expect the responses to be equally as general or specific.

The only rules are
1 No posts dedicated solely to promoting your band/community etc.
2 Respect peoples tastes, not everyone is as privledged to have heard so much wonderful music as us music nazis. This community is about expending, not about limiting.